is a Punjabi 'Indie' production house, the first & only one of its kind. Our mission is to provide up-and-coming Punjabi artists with all the necessary resources to develop high-quality TV shows. We are based out of Surrey, BC with industry partners across the world.


We work more like a Startup Incubator than a traditional film production company, as we follow a unique 5-step approach:

  1. Aspiring artists (scriptwriters, directors, actors, etc.) are encouraged to form a team with the necessary personnel to produce a short TV series. We offer assistance to fill in any critical gaps on an ad-hoc basis.
  2. Each team is required to submit a script, individual member profiles, sample work, and any additional information (preferred filming location, specific production requirements, etc).
  3. We setup a face-to-face interview with each team to determine if we will be a good fit together.
  4. Selected teams are provided resources (studio space, filming & editing equipment, production expenses, etc) to film a 5-10min pilot show.
  5. The pilots that standout the most are given the opportunity to put together a short TV series of 5-10 episodes.


Our resource commitment ranges from $10k - $50k per series, including post-release promotional efforts. Outside of the financial investment, we have broad experience and in-depth knowledge of Punjabi cinema that we can leverage as needed.

Revenue generated through ads & subscription is distributed with the artists on a pre-determined basis. The split is usually 50:50, but it could vary depending on the project.





If you wish to work with us, please fill out the below form. Upon submission, you will be directed on how to send over attachments with your application.

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